As the population of the US ages, people tend to like to move from the colder moist northern climates into the dryer warmer southern states. This has made states like Arizona popular with people that are retired and want to escape the bad weather they’ve endured for decades. In Arizona, there is a great city named Tucson that has become fairly popular with retirees and the younger crowd too due to its varied history and great amenities such as parks, bike paths, doggy parks, and brew pubs. However, with an aging population, many people are concerned with the quality of the healthcare and hospitals. Here are a few of the top hospitals in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Medical Center

This is one of the largest facilitates in the city and has been designated as an emergency hub that accepts the life-flight helicopters as well. That means that when the inspectors examined the facilitates, response times, and patient care, this hospital won out over several others. It has a 70 year history dating back to the 1950’s of providing excellent care with high quality staff and equipment.

With over 600 beds the Tucson Medical Center is locally governed and has emergency care for children, intensive care for adults, with a popular maternity ward for expectant moms too. It is set on over 120 acres of land and the view from the patient rooms is tranquil and beautiful. It is 100% tobacco free and focuses on preventative medicine as a path to better health. On average more than 30,000 patients use the facilitates on an inpatient basis per year with another 122,000 that use the output care as well.

Their website allows for online scheduling for appointments and also has many other features to make the use of the hospital easy and convenient for all.

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Has The Joint Replacement And Neurological Center

Due to the large number of elderly that now call Arizona home there is a need for expanded coverage of stroke, brain, and spinal cord care. This involves illnesses, accidents, and cancers as well. In addition to that, there is also a center for joint replacement which is also quite common among the aged. There is a complete surgical center, rehabilitation center, and care facility for joint replacements. They are certified by the National Joint Commission for the replacement of ankle joints, knees, hips, and shoulders.

There is also a Newborn Center that caters to pregnant women and provides various services including Midwife, Couplet Care, and also has Neonatal intensive care units too.

If you’re looking for a warm dry climate with great amenities and excellent hospital care, you can’t go wrong with Tucson, Arizona. They have top-notch medical centers that attract doctors from all over the world that are also drawn by the warm weather and great schools for raising a family.